Thursday, May 29, 2008


September 2007: Rückblende, my diploma project in visual communication was featured in the output book #10, the international yearbook for students.
Winter 2007-2008: I sent my interactive Story Rückblende to the Independent Games Festival and became surprisingly one of the student showcase finalists and invited to San Francisco to the Game Developers Conference (GDC). Yeah! The GDC was overwhelming and also nice. There were some amazing games the other finalists made and a lot of interesting talks and presentations. 
Spring 2008: I won an honorary mention with Rückblende at the digital sparks competition. 
Rückblende was shown at the Art of Play Arcade at Carnagie Mellon in Pittsburgh, curated by Kokoromi.
There was quite a lot of feedback after the GDC and some interest from the press. I was interviewed by the west german pop radiobroadcast 1live about independent games for example and there was a documentary on 3sat, a cool german tv-channel, about new things in the world of games, where they show clips of Rückblende and a part of an interview from the Independent Games Festival. If you speak german, check it out here.


Hello and welcome 

to the Good Factory (that's english for "Gute Fabrik") Newspage.
This "Blog"is most of the time gonna be about the development of the good factory and probably stuff that has to do with indie games. 


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dies ist ein Test 1 2 1 2 1 ,fl›ıÓ◊°∏   
can anybody read me? 
Good Factory to earth.....Ó»„‰¸‹◊Ù‡Å͙Ϭ”#£fi^\˜·¯˙˚≥‡ÙÇ◊‹›˘˛—Æfl
ˆıÓÌÏ™ÍÅ »beep« ‘±•∏Ø⁄¨Ω†®€∑ »beep«  »beeeep«