Monday, October 31, 2011


Doug here! I'll do a proper introduction when we get our new blog up, but for now, I just wanted to announce JOUST OF CANADA. This Wednesday, November 2, I'll be exhibiting our party game, Johann Sebastian Joust, at the Prince of Arcade exhibition in Montreal, Canada.

To celebrate the occasion, we'll be running the game to some classic tunes by Boards of Canada (that is, in place of the J.S. Bach music). Nils and I are such big Boards of Canada fans that we decided to take the idea even farther. So, voilĂ ! A parody album cover, illustrated by Nils.

You do recognize which album cover it's satirizing, right?

Once we get our new website up (stay tuned!), we'll provide a desktop wallpaper version, sans text.

By the way, if you happen to be in Montreal, J.S. Joust will also be on public display at Eastern Bloc's J.E.U.X. exhibition, from Thursday to Saturday (Nov 3-5). Come by and play!