Monday, November 30, 2009

Mutatione Log #2
So we finished an ok prototype in october, but there's still a lot of room for improvement. Anyways, Mutatione is on hold for some time, while we're busy with other projects. One of them is Bernie's "Where is my heart?", you can follow its development on his site. I'm working on the artwork for WIMH and starting to like doing pixelgraphics, which I haven't done before. I don't want to change Bernhard's artwork completely, since he did a great job already, so I try to adapt to his style and make the world richer and more atmospheric. I'll post some conceptart of it later. For now there's some new picturematerial from Mutatione, both from the current prototype and conceptart I haven't published yet. There's also more info and pictures on the Copenhagen Game Collective site.

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Blogger Erik Svedäng said...

Woho, looks really cool! I'm very excited for both of these projects, please give me something to play soon =)

November 30, 2009  

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